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Wa'Cont is a commodity warehouse offered by LVI-WaBeK Oy, which can be placed on the customer's site. Container-compatible products include different connectors, IV and drainage components, brackets and mounting accessories. A small tube storage can also be located in the container. Wa'Cont and its contents are the property of LVI-WaBeK Oy and the products are charged according to consumption. The customer selects the contents of the container from the standard modules in the online store. The customer receives 24/7 access to the container and is responsible for ensuring that the use of the container is in accordance with the contract. Container additions are delivered either in sheltered containers or inside the container, whereby the customer manages the shelf itself. Wa'Cont service is always a written agreement between LVI-WaBeK Oy and the customer company.

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The contents of the Wa'Cont Parts & Fittings container stores are compiled from standard modules. Fittings modules are designed for...



Wa'Cont Pipes is a tube shelf that you can add to Wa'Cont if the container is assembled only from the...

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